About Me

I am a Georgia native that knows what it means to preserve memories. I am a wife to my high school sweetheart and the mother of an 11 year old son. I started documenting my life through photography about 6 years ago. My passion then pushed me to seek photography as a career. I now specialize in Teen and Senior Photography and provide studio and on-location sessions. I want each client’s unique personality to shine through in their images. I strive to create a personalized experience for my clients, from your Pre-Session Consultation, to the day of Your Session, to the In-Person Ordering Session. My work has been featured on Modern Teen Style and I enjoy going the extra mile to plan your personalized portrait session. Additionally, my passion for portrait photography and desire to give each client a special experience allows me to send clients home with images they enjoy and love to display for years to come. I would love to be your photographer!

The Experience

Why is it so hard to choose your Senior Photographer? There are so many to choose from out there and it can be overwhelming. Please rest assured that I am here to help you! I am not that photographer that is there to rush you in and out as fast as possible and give you the same old boring portraits that come from the school-hired photographer. I want to meet with you and find out your personality and bring it out in your portraits. I want you to be your own kind of beautiful! Your Pre-Session Consultation I want to create a portrait experience that is stylized and designed to fit your personality, so that your pictures are as authentic as you! Each session includes a planning, style and design consultation prior to the actual session. We will meet up somewhere like Starbucks, Panera or your favorite place. I will bring my iPad loaded with ideas about locations, style, hair and makeup, and wardrobe ideas, and we will talk about what you like and what you don’t , what you want and what you don’t want. We will work together creating a session that’s unique for you! This is a very important time for you and I want you to feel and look your best so that you are confident with your session. The Day of Your Shoot My top two sessions include having your hair and makeup done by my team of stylists. I love to do this because you will be able to relax and just enjoy your special day. You will be able to talk to the stylists through the entire makeover and let them know your likes and dislikes so that you will feel 100% you and be ready for your day in front of the camera. The day of your shoot, be prepared to be pampered and relax. Your job is to make sure that you get a good night sleep the night before and come ready to have fun and enjoy yourself. We will start will hanging up your outfits and going through them and my studio premier closet to see if there are any accessories that we want to add that finished look for your outfit. Then we will start hair and makeup. When you are done with hair and makeup, we will start the fun! Whether we are shooting on location or in studio, this is when the magic begins. We will drive to our locations that have been determined at our consultation and begin! I will have the outfits coordinated to go with each of our locations and ready to go so that we maximize our shooting time in the field. We will shoot for 1-3+ hours depending on which session you choose. Your Premier In-Person Ordering Session Your Senior Portrait experience concludes with an in-person ordering session. I will select your best images to share with you at your ordering session. Each image is expertly touched up and edited in my specialized style. Two to three weeks after your shoot, we will sit down to review your senior portraits and place your order. I will walk you through your images and help you select your favorites. Then we will decide which products you want with each image.


I offer the following session options:
Model for a Day! Includes professional makeup and hair. The stylist will go on site with you to change your hairstyle once, plus touch up your makeup in the field. Includes 4-6 hours of shoot time and unlimited outfit changes, and up to three locations plus one of the locations will be in the studio. Includes your Premier Ordering Session! I will show you 60+ proof images from your portrait session. $150 will be paid directly to HMUA by the senior. $350 left will be paid directly to me. $500 Session Fee + $200 Ordering Session Fee* Due at time of session booking
Gorgeous Our "Most Popular" Includes professional make up and hair. $100 will be paid directly to HMUA. Includes 2-3 hours shoot time and four outfit changes and up to two locations. Includes your Premier Ordering Session! I will show you 30-40 proof images from your portrait session. $250 Session Fee + $200 Ordering Session Fee* Due at time of session booking
The Lite Session Includes 1 hour shoot time and 2 outfit changes and up to two locations. Includes your Premier Ordering Session! I will show you 20-30 proof images from your portrait session. $125 Session Fee + $200 Ordering Session Fee* Due at time of session booking
*The $200 minimum Ordering Session fee will be credited back to you at the time of the Premier In-person Ordering Session. You may use this credit towards the purchase of any Collections or print products. Print Collections start at $400 and offer an assortment of high quality products. Typical Clients spend $800 - $1200 at their ordering session.

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